Vertex standard HX370SAS
Model: HX-370SAS
Shipping Weight: 1KG
Units in Stock: 1000
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HX370S with international maritime channel. It is also can be designed to bring the CTCSS 40 of land mobile radio (LMR) or the DCS signal. Design These channels to the corresponding licensing

HX370S could be designed to scan with or without prior to any of the channel number 16 channel. Also includes monitoring function. PRESET key allows fast re-election 8 your favorite channel.

Large LCD with channel name to inform you that the choice of each channel usage.

At the top of the HX370S interface allows connect waterproof can choose earphones or speech microphone.

Large capacity battery: 1400mAhL nickel alloy hydrogen battery, high power, can work 14 hours (5/5/90) daily cycle (TX/RX/standby), also contain a waterproof alkaline battery charger, 12VDC plate. 230VAC chargers and a parctical embedded charging. In addition, in a very easy to see in LCD to recharge the battery life when prompted indicator.

High strength distress flash internationally recognized SOS signal is sent greater than, can be in night LKM distance was seen

Can infiltrate underwater (1 meters deep for 30 minutes


 Submersible JIS-7 / IPX7 (3.3 feet for 30 minutes)
Selectable 5/2.5/1 Watt transmit power output
Oversized channel display
40 Programmable Land Mobile Channels (137-174MHz) with CTCSS and DCS signaling
Programmable channel names
NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert
Low battery indicator
All USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels
Optional speaker microphones and headsets available
Voice Scrambler capable
Supplied with 1400mAh Ni-MH battery, alkaline battery tray, 110 VAC and 12 VDC chargers and a cradle
Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch
Preset key used to recall up to 8 favorite channels
SOS Strobe Light



Frequency range: 156MHZ - 163.275 MHZ (maritime band + "W" V band),

Channel level: 25KHZ, 174MHZ (LMR) 137MHZ -

Channel level: 12.5kgs / 25KHZ

Frequency fixedness ± 250 PPM (30 ° c + + - 60 ° c),

Divergent type: 16KOG3E, 16KOF3E, 11KOF3E

Antenna impedance: 50 ohms

Provide voltage: 7.2 VDC

Current consumption: 200mA (receive), as 40mA (spare) TX 1.4: A Off (H) / o. 9A (M) / 0.5 A (L),

Operating temperature (- 30 degrees c + + 60 ° c),

Feet: 58 (120 inch (3.05 mm

Weight: 380g belt FNB - 83

Transmitting and receiving index: RF output power: 5W / 2.5 W/V 1W / @ 7.2

Circuit types: duplex specialized superheterodyne type

Model type

Variable resistor

Intermodulation frequency

Article 21. 7MHZ 0KHZ 2:45 first

Maximum error: 5KHZ ± 250 KHZ) (± wide

Sensitivity: o. 25uv 12dB SINAD

Conduction stray: at least 73dB below

Adjacent channel choice: 70dB

The microphone impedance: 2k - Ohm

70dB: intermodulation reaction


Antennas & Adapters  
CAT460 Rubber Duck Antenna    
Batteries & Trays  

Alkaline Battery Tray


1400mAh Ni-MH Battery

Battery Chargers  

Charging Cradle


DC Cable; plug and wire only


110VAC Overnight Charger

VAC-370B 110VAC Desktop Rapid Charger    
VAC-370C 220V Desktop Rapid Charger      
Cases & Belt Clips  

Quick Draw Belt Clip


Leather case


Nylon case

CMP460 Submersible Noice-Cancelling Speaker Mic    



Mini Speaker Microphone



MH-66D4B MH-66D4B    
MH-73A4B Submersible Speaker Microphone    
VC-24 Headset Microphone with VOX and PTT    

Earpiece Microphone


PC Programming  
CT-111 PC Programming Cable       
Voice Scrambler  
FVP-31 4 Code Voice Scrambler