Vertex VX-230/231
Model: VX-230/VX-231
Shipping Weight: 1kg
Units in Stock: 1000
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Improved Portability 

A radio that won't get in the way, the VX-231 is more compact and lightweight than the VX-160 series.  A radio that is easier to carry with you on the job.

More Battery Power

Designed to use powerful Li-Ion battery technology for longer battery life.  Included with your VX-231 as standard equipment is an 1150 mAh battery providing 9 hour of operation with the battery saver enabled.

Wide Band Coverage For Added Value

The VX-231 is one radio designed to cover the full band in the VHF range, which provides expanded options in frequencies to use.

More Scanning Options

While many radios provide 1 or 2 scanning options, the VX-231 radio gives you 4 additional scanning options for greater convenience and flexibility for the way you need your radios to perform.  Options include: Priority, Dual Watch, Follow Me and Talk Around scan.

Exclusive Auto-Range Transponding System - ARTSTM

Only Vertex Standard radios are designed to inform you when you and another ARTSTM - equipped station are within communication range.  If out of range for more than 2 minutes, your radio senses no signal has been received and beeps to alert you.  The base station can then alert the field unit to move back in range.  A great solution to keep your workers coordinated.

 3-Year Factory Warranty - The Vertex Standard Difference

Our number one goal is achieving superior customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that exceed your expectations.  Vertex Standard radios are built to last and are backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty - another great reason to choose Vertex Standard. 


16 channel capacity
Two programmable keys
Flexible channel spacing: 12.5 Khz to 25 kHz
Battery power save option
Lone Worker
DTMF Speed Dial
2-Tone Encode and Decode
CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
Manual squelch adjustment
Radio-to-radio cloning




Specification   VHF, UHF
Frequency Range (MHz)                                   136-174;400-470
Channel Spacing (kHz) 12.5/20/25
No. of Channels 16
Dimensions (H x W x D) 110 × 58 × 30mm
Weight 285g with FNB-V103LI Battery, Antenna & Belt Clip
Power Supply 7.4V DC +20%
Battery Life:
(5-5-90 duty)
with FNB-V104LI (2000mAh)
16.5 hours
(13.5 hrs w/o saver

Standard packing:

1 x VX-231 Radio

1 x Antenna

1 x Battery

1 x Charger

1 x Belt Clip

1 x User's Manual