Minxing MX-360 two way radio
Model: MX-360
Shipping Weight: 1kg
Units in Stock: 1000
Manufactured by: China

1. MX-360 interphone suitable for use in a hotel, property, logistics, building, exhibition, event and large and medium-sized industrial enterprise, security and other large stores, the machines can connection turntable, increasing the distance calls, brought two and DCS CTCSS mute the sound, voice encryption, anti-jamming of the strong, the machine broke resistance, strong. Call clearer, can be installed with more of those headphones.

 2. Cell standby time up to 5 day, normal conversation can have 2-3 days. High capacity 1800 MAH configuration of lithium battery.

3. MX-360 radio is a high quality of the commercial radio, accord with human body engineering principle, master and comfortable. For business customers with high quality communication experience.

4. Channel, power speech broadcast.

5. Multi-function, high performance. Full frequency, penetration ability strong, solid battery card clasp structure, the volume switch knob protection design


1) PC Programmable

You are able to customize the features of each radio for each user.
2) Wired Clone
Easily copy the features of one radio to another.

Set up workgroups/users with unique CTCSS / CDCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency.

4) Channel Scan
The channel scan feature enables the radio to continuously scan each channel in the scan list for activity. Simply press a side function button to activate scanning. When activity is detected on a channel the scan process will stop and you will hear the transmission.
5) Time-out Timer(TOT)
The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission.

6)Selectable Squelch
Helps minimize interference from undesired weak signals and helps weak signals be heard.
Alarm function

You have an emergency, press the alarm function keys, intercom will be the biggest volume issued a warning sound, or their identity code/background noise to peer or system. 

Common Index Model: MX360
Frequency Range 400-470MHZ
Rated Voltage DC7.4V(Li-ionbattery)
Memory channel 16channnels
Antenna disposition Inductively loaded antenna
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Working manner Same frequency single operation or different frequency single operation
Ground method Negative pole
Volume 116x57x35mm
Lanching Parts
Output power 3W/5W/7w
Modulation mode Frequency modulation
Maximum frequency deviation ≤±5KHZ
Remanent radiation <-60dB
Preemphasis character Per fold frequency patch 6dB
Emission current ≤1000mA
Receiving Parts
Sensitivity <0.16µV(12dB SINAD)
Silent sensitivity <0.2µV
Intel modulation anti-interference 50dB
Audio frequency power ≥300mW
Receiving current ≤100mA
Silent watitng 20mA
one battery
one antenna
one destop charger
one power supply
pc programming cable(kenwood standard)
headset (kenwood standard)
car charger
extra battery