ICOM IC-M23 two way radio
Model: IC-M23
Shipping Weight: 1kg
Units in Stock: 100
Manufactured by: Japan

The IC-M23 buoyant VHF Marine Handheld Transceiver measures just under 13cm in height and is the smallest and lightest buoyant handheld in the market*. Even with its incredible size, the IC-M23 can match the audio and battery performance of other comparable models on the market. What's more, the IC-M23 sports a bright red LED which flashes if dropped in water, even if the radio is turned off making it easy to find, day or night.

An important safety feature of the buoyant IC-M23 is that it has a bright internal red LED which automatically starts flashing on three sides of the base of the radio when it comes into contact with water. This function will be especially useful if the radio is dropped in the water in low light conditions or even at night. 

Smallest and lightest in the world!
The IC-M23 VHF marine handheld transceiver has the smallest capacity and body weight in the world*. In fact, compared to the previous floating radio, the IC-M23 has 28% reduced capacity. * As of December 2010, researched by Icom. 

Energy-saving 3.7V circuitry 
The IC-M23 is powered by the BP-266 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery pack. A newly developed PA circuit provides stable 5W (approx.) RF output and powerful 600mW (typ.) audio even at this low voltage, while saving battery consumption giving 10 hours of operating time.* * Typical operation with Tx (Hi): Rx: standby=5:5:90 

Built-in regular charger circuit
The built-in regular charger circuit allows direct charging of the battery pack using a wall charger or cigarette lighter cable and shows the current charging status on the LCD. When used with the optional rapid desktop charger BC-119N (AD-123 required), the BP-266 battery pack can be removed from the transceiver and charged in 2.5 hours (approx.). 

Easy to see LCD with large channel indication
While the IC-M23 has a smaller and lighter body compared to the IC-M35, the IC-M23 keeps the same easy to see large LCD (32x16 mm). The large LCD has a clear 2-digit channel number indication. LCD and key backlighting are built-in for night time operation. 

Tag scan function and favourite channel function
The tag scan function scans only tagged channels, while skipping untagged channels. The “Fav” (favourite) button allows quick channel selection by recalling the tagged channels in rotation. 

Loud volume/mute functions
The loud volume/mute functions temporarily change the volume to the maximum/minimum level with two touches of a button. To suit the surrounding environment, the user can easily change the volume level to capture the received message. 



• Waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth for 30 minutes) 
• Dual/Tri-watch functions 
• 4-step battery life indicator
• 2-step power save function
• Auto scan function starts scanning when no signal is received for 30 seconds
• Instant access to Ch 16 and a programmable call channel
• AquaQuake draining function
• DC power jack is protected with a water-tight plastic cap to prevent water intrusion.  



Frequency range :
TX 156.000-161.450MHz
RX 156.000-163.425MHz
- Usable channel groups : INT, USA* channels;
70 programmable channels
(* Depending on version)
- Type of emission : 16K0G3E (FM)
- Current drain (at 3.7V DC) :
Tx High 2.3A
Rx AF max. 350mA typ.
Power save 8mA typ.
- Operating temp. range : -15°C to +55°C
- Antenna impedance : 50Ω (Stud)
- Dimensions (W×H×D) : 58.5×128.5×34.5 mm (projections not included)
- Weight (approx.) : 260g (With BP-266, FA-SC58V, MB-124)

- Output power (Hi/Low) : 5W/1W approx.
* German version 1W/0.5W typ.
- Max. frequency deviation : ±5.0kHz
- Frequency stability : ±1.5kHz
- Spurious emissions : 0.25μW
- Adjacent channel power : 70dB
- Audio harmonic distortion : Less than 10% (at 60% dev.)
- Residual modulation : 40dB

- Sensitivity (20dB SINAD) : -4dBμ emf typical
- Squelch sensitivity : -6dBμ emf typical (threshold)
- Adjacent Ch. selectivity : 70dB
- Spurious response : 70dB
- Intermodulation rejection : 68dB
- Hum and noise ratio : 40dB
- Audio output power : 200mW (at 10% distortion, 8Ω load)

Standard Packing :

Main engine

The charge :bc-199s

The lithium battery: bp-266

Belt clip:mb-124

Antenna: fa-sc58v

Hand rope

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