motorola GP329 EX two way radio
Model: GP329 EX
Shipping Weight: 1.5kg
Units in Stock: 10000
Manufactured by: CHINA

GP329 Ex provides companies working within potentially hazardous environments with safe and effective communication, as it is approved to ATEX Protection Classes II 2 G EEx ib IIC T4 and II 3D IP5X T60ºC.

Smart Choice

  • Approved in accordance with European standards so that they provide ATEX Gas Protection, one of the highest classifications of gas protection possible for portable radios, thus making them safe for employees to use in Gas Zone 1 .
    These intuitive radios also provide ATEX Dust Protection, meaning the radios are classified to be used in Dust Zone 22 .
  • Supports 5-tone Selective Signalling Standards. The radio software encompasses Private Line and 5-tone selective signaling which include ZVEI, Modified ZVEI, French Modified ZVEI, 20ms CCIR, 70ms CCIR, 100ms CCIR and EEA signaling system that enhance productivity. These radios also offer users the flexibility to program their own “user-defined” signaling standards into the radio.
  • Motorola’s unique voice compression technology, X-Pand and LLE, assures you of stronger and crisper audio quality while reducing unwanted background noise.

  • Mobile Voting allows the GP329 Ex to work smoothly on conventional multi-casts networks and permits the radio to automatically select (vote) the strongest signal ensuring the best audio quality is delivered to the user.
  • The Lone Worker feature provides added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team. The radio enters emergency mode if the user does not respond to the warning signal.
  • Freedom to communicate utilising a system or dispatcher for wide area coverage, or bypass and talk directly to another unit for easy local unit-to-unit communications.
  • The “Whisper” feature allows user to speak quietly into a radio and still be heard clearly.
  • Call Forward allows calls to be forwarded to another radio user if you are unable to answer your calls personally.

Easy To Use
  • Channel scan enables activity on different communications channels to be monitored and answered, eliminating incidences of missed calls.
  • The built-in voice-activated feature (VOX) enables users to transmit their message in a hands-free environment, without pressing the push-to-talk button.