Motorola GR3188
Model: GR3188
Shipping Weight: 20KG
Units in Stock: 10
Manufactured by: China
MOTOROLA GR3188 Motorola repeater relay station 
 Frequency range :146-174; 403-440; 438-470; MHz 
 Number of channels: 8 (GM3188); 64 (GM3688) 
 Channel spacing: 12.5/25kHz (VHF) 
 Frequency Stability: ± 2.5ppm 
 Operating temperature range: -30 鈩?to +60 鈩?
 Power Supply: 13.8V DC; 220V AC 
 Antenna Impedance: 50Ω N-type 
 Size: 171 (W) × 179 (H) × 283 (D) mm 
 Weight: 4.8Kg 
 Output power: 1 ~ 25W 
 Maximum frequency deviation: ± 5.0kHz (25KHz) ± 2.5kHz (12.5KHz) 
 Adjacent channel power: 70dB (wide, middle) 60dB (narrow) 
 Audio Distortion: 1KHz, 60% 
 Offset when the "3%

 1. Confirming call for the end of the tone background lighting

2. Hands-free features


1. Power Supply13.8V 

2. Frequency:136-162/146-174/403-440/438-470/465-495/490-520MHz

3. Weight:4800g

4. Output Power:25w

5. Talk Range:30KM

6. Dimension:171*179*283mm

7. Channel:64

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MOTO VHF/UHF GR3188 Repeater  


Motorola Base Radio GR3188 :

By equipment and so on MOTOROLA GM3188 assemble the build, the new generation trunk-line board, the internal structure design are finer, the outward appearance is more attractive. Besides can provide a Taichung the basic repeater function which has following the receiver transmitter, furthermore has the rich auxiliary connection, the high power output, provides the more ideal telephone conversation region for you, causes you maintains the relation in the bigger operating region.

* portable-type design, cabinet
* built-in alternating and direct voltage-stabilized source and radiation ventilator
* the AC-DC, the direct-current automatic floating, the alternating and direct automatic cut over (may choose function)
* has the input, the output control port, may connect each kind of control terminal equipment (e.g. telephonograph)
* the long-distance remote control relays/the pass, the channel cut, functions and so on revision relaying latency
Frequency range 146-174; 403-440; 438-470MHz
channel number 8
channel spacing 12.5/25 KHz(VHF)
frequency stability ±2.5 ppm
operating temperature scope -30 to +60
power source 13.8V DC 220V AC
antenna impedance 50Ω N
size 171(W)×179(H)×283(D)mm
weight 4.8Kg 

Standard accessories:

1* GR3188 repeater

1*4 meters antenna

1*30 meters cable


1*power supply