Model: BF-320
Shipping Weight: 1KG
OEM/ODM: 1000
Quick Details

Surveillance function
But listening to the current channel faint sound, this function helps to listen to a weak signal
Channel scanning
Press the scan button, to channel scan them one by one, to receive the all channels on the phone
Sonic VOX function
Open sonic function, need not press PTT key it on the phone
Computer/manual writing frequency
Through the computer to write software to the function parameters frequency set, and the use of computers in inconvenient case can be manual FM
Static noise level setting (0 to 9 levels)
9 static noise level, according to different environment choose what you need static noise level
Launch overtime timer TOT
Prevent long takes up a radio channel, avoid inadvertent takes up the channel's phenomenon
Long standby (200 hours)
2200 mAh super capacity of lithium battery, 200 hours of standby time
Wide/narrowband conversion
By writing frequency software can be set each channel at 25 KHz or 12.5 KHz
Cable copy
By replicating line will be a function of the parameters on the copy to the other a his radio
Low electricity remind
The battery power is not enough to remind you change the battery
Busy channel lock
Prevent user receives unauthorized signal and send signals to the busy channel, keep clean and free of interference channels
Automatic power saving function
Not to receive signals or no operation, interphone will automatically into the province electricity mode, lower power consumption, so as to extend battery life
Fall frequency function
Exchange of transmit and receive frequency, and the sending and receiving of the audio
CTCSS/CDCSS and end eliminate
With 38 group standard and audio and 83 set of standard and digital sound, support the standard CTCSS/CDCSS, set the CTCSS or CDCSS, can eliminate the frequency brought about by the interference, still can eliminate the sending end because caused by the carrier, calls the "click" sound