Model: KTW128
Shipping Weight: 420g
Units in Stock: 10000 units
Manufactured by: made in China
KTW128 mine interphone, the use of intrinsically safe explosion-proof technology, can be used in the coal mine safety. KTW128 provides you with a variety of security features, such as working alone, safety inspection and backwards (optional) function. Even if you in areas far from the team members to work alone, KTW128 can provide you with safe and reliable communication. KTW128 have special emergency alarm button, when you are in an emergency situation, KTW128 explosion-proof interphone is your work in explosive hazardous environment safety and reliable protection. KTW128 mine interphone to get mining products safety sign certificate of safety sign number: MHA080036 explosion-proof marks: Ex ib I explosion-proof (mine industrial Shanghai electric explosion-proof test house) qualified number: 2084104
Security guarantees
Domestic independent research and development, independent innovation, with independent intellectual property rights of coal mine safety explosion-proof interphone
State administration of work safety communication information center producer interphone
Can through the RFID electronic tag anti-counterfeiting, and official web site in the center of the state administration of work safety communication information query verification
Have run backward, safety inspection, emergency alarm, work alone four alarm function, monitoring work state at any time, to ensure the safety of life
The quality is reliable
The machine safety design, through the safety certification of explosion-proof grade EXib I, can be used in explosion-proof environment district 1, 2 division
Advanced anti-static plastic fuselage, to prevent a substantial accumulation of static electricity in the machine surface, waterproof, corrosion resistance, prevent leakage of the internal circuit anti-corrosion design to eliminate all the intercom security hidden danger
Resistance to drop explosion-proof structure, in the fall behind will not bare battery, prevent accident
Through five years to accelerate the experiment and the United States army mark strictly test
Efficient portable
Kind, real-time scheduling, always keep in touch
Body size, light weight, easy to use, to use for a long time
Nimh explosion-proof battery 1600 mah this Ann type, about 14 hours of work time
Is in the attachment, the holster, mi and ear mi in the hand, skull headphones, etc., senior league quick charger six dangerous sites (not used)
Embedded information and serial number
Information frequency may be written or recorded maintenance history, convenient maintenance and service; Serial number can be read by writing frequency software, through the serial number on website directly in the center of the state administration of work safety communication information query information such as product authenticity and manufacture date.
Voice channel to broadcast
Boot and adjust the channel automatically broadcast channel, loud noise, and avoid the wrong operation.
Work alone
After enabling this function for walkie talkie set separate work time length, every time reaches a critical time, interphone will alarm prompt, and at the same time, the user must press any key, show that in the safe state; Without operating radio will automatically alarm. This function for users of separate work environment provides a higher security.
Backwards (optional)
After entering run backward mode, if the machine is in flat or the ground state, more than set time, radio will automatically alarm. The interphone to the centralizer, can cancel the alarm.
Emergency alarm
After press the alarm button, walkie-talkie can send out alarm sound at maximum volume, at the same time, their own identity (ENI) or background to peer or system.
Safety inspection
Set this function, the control center or other user signal detection, walkie-talkies receive signal, will prompt the user press any key in a safe state, no reaction is auto alarm.

Frequency Range 
Channel Capacity 
Channel Spacing 
25 /20/12.5KHz
Operating Voltage
1600mAh锛圢I-MH battery 锛?/span>
Battery Life (5-5-90 Duty Cycle)
14 hours
Frequency Stability
Operating Temperature
Antenna Impedance
Maximum current output
Maximum output voltage
Dimensions (H×W×D)
(with battery, without antenna)
Weight (with antenna & battery)
Power Output 
Spurious and Harmonics
FM Noise
Audio Distortion
≤0.25 μV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
Spurious Response Rejection
Rated Audio Power Output
Rated Audio Distortion 
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