Mstar MDP-500
Model: Handheld
Shipping Weight: 300g
OEM/ODM: 1000
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MSTAR DP520 professional digital intercom anti-interference stronger signal penetration for longer use time

High Power handheld digital Walkie Talkie Mstar DPMR DP-500 UHF Two Way Radio

Channel voice broadcast
If the channel is turned on, the intercom will automatically broadcast channel number or channel name when switching channel.
If you have opened a custom channel, the intercom will automatically broadcast the name of the channel when switching channel.

Longer use time
Compared with analog intercom, DP520 battery can get nearly 40% extra working time, and 4800mAh standard with battery working time can reach about 21 hours.
Longer use time can better meet the needs of railway customers.

Digital voice, clear resonant
Advanced narrow-band speech coding and digital error correction technology, whether in noisy environment or on the edge of coverage, you can get clear speech;
Built-in 1W high power loudspeaker to ensure clear and clear sound, so that you can easily keep communication open.

Strong anti-interference ability
Custom communication module and antenna, which make DP520 have stronger signal penetrating power, can still present clear speech when interfered with frequency signal;
Cooperate with the launch power of 5W/4W and ensure good reception and receiving effect.


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